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The Expanse advances to final round of the E! People’s Choice Awards, here’s how to vote

The Expanse has advanced to the final round of the E! People's Choice Awards for The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show of 2018 and is facing off against Shadowhunters, Supernatural, The Originals and Wyonna Earp. Voting is from 9/24 through 10/19. The same rules from the first round apply and are outlined herein.

How the Power of Fans Saved The Expanse: A Retrospective Look into the Historic Campaign

When Syfy announced that they would not air cult sci-fi TV series The Expanse for a fourth season on May 10, 2018, thousands of fans were devastated. Before long, they took to the web to begin calling for someone - anyone - to pick up the show, organizing under a single banner: #SaveTheExpanse. The result was one of the most iconic fan uprisings in TV history.