Updates from The Expanse

The Expanse Season 5: The Best Season Yet (Spoiler-Free Review)

The Expanse returns to Amazon Prime Video with a heart pumping and emotionally charged Season 5. With a bigger budget, larger story and wider scope, the new season is the best yet and delivers some of the most stunning performances from both veteran and newcomer cast. Book readers will enjoy this adaptation of Nemesis Games, the fifth in the series, and the show is beautifully set up for a graceful exit in the upcoming sixth and final season.

Exclusive Interview with The Expanse Launch – Officially Licensed Roci Collector’s Edition!

Today is a big day in The Expanse fandom, as the Kickstarter for the Officially Licensed Roci Collector's Edition by Idea Planet is finally live! We had the pleasure of having sitting down with the team behind the project, so check out our full interview to find out more about their history, the process of manufacturing the gorgeous Rocinante, and what inspires them about The Expanse.