May 22, 2018 — Everyone, we have all heard the incredibly reassuring news by now that Amazon is in talks to save The Expanse. It is in big part due to your commitment, your teamwork, and your resolve to save the series we all love.

However, it is important that while articles like this one from AV Club are out there, the truth is that it is not over until it is over.

We still need to give the series all of the support we can, and keep on the hard burn we started one week ago. Please continue to #BingeTheExpanse as much as possible, keep up the pressure, spread the word.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: though we MUST KEEP WATCHING AND TWEETING LIVE. We need all hands on deck to get #SaveTheExpanse and this week’s live hashtag spread far and wide.

The work must continue. The work WILL continue!

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