May 21, 2018 — We did it, beratnas!

In little over a week we managed to garner more than 125,000 signatures and that’s all thanks to you.

And if you wonder whethere your continued commitment to saving this show has any effect we can wholeheartedly say YES!

Not only did Cas Anvar go on record again by confirming this yesterday on Afterbuzz TV:

Alcon Entertainment, the owners to the rights of The Expanse, also gave a statement that our efforts have “not gone unnoticed”:

“To the fans and the stakeholders of The Expanse, your passion and your advocacy have not gone unnoticed. Please stay ignited and excited as we work through a few scenarios. The cast, the crew, the producers, the writers, we are all deeply moved and motivated to make this work. There are a lot of moving parts [Cas, aside: which is really true]. There are no promises at this point, but a commitment to try everything.”

So you know what to do: continue watching the show, convince your friends and family to participate in #BingeTheExpanse so they get caught up with season 3 and keep making noise on social media!

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