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In this blog series, we will report on the production progress and other news of The Expanse each week. We will collect the latest social media and press activity from the show’s production team, cast, and the community. We hope this series will be useful for those who are not able to closely monitor social media, and provide an easy way to catch up on all the latest Expanse updates each week.

To catch up on the previous week of updates, check out our last post here.


Production was busy this week, with many active accounts on social media with interesting behind the scenes info. Firstly though, we’ve heard word from multiple sources that the news that Season 3 will be coming to Amazon on the 15th was a mistake in Amazon’s listings and The Expanse will not be coming to Amazon this month. It’s still unclear when exactly the show is likely to come to Amazon, though some sources have begun reporting that Season 3 will appear in Brazil on the 20th. We recommend you exercise caution with news like this, given how widespread the news that it would appear on the 15th was. Wait for official confirmation from Amazon, folks.

On a lighter note, the production team held a costume contest for Halloween which saw all sorts of inventive and hilarious costumes. Check out the winners here or see the full list here!

Talking of costumes, Soroush Saeidi, an actor set to play “shuttle technician” posted a couple of pictures in costume to Instagram which provide some interesting insights into Season 4. The patch on his jumpsuit appears to read “RCE,” a certain company that plays a big role in book 4. In the second photo, Saeidi appears to be covered in blood, suggesting that something goes very wrong for this RCE shuttle technician. Of course this is all just speculation, we’d love to hear what you think!

The production launched two new official social media accounts today on Twitter and Instagram. @ExpanseVfx is run by the visual effects team and provides insight into the effects of the show while @expanse_basecamp on Instagram offers behind the scenes from the basecamp of trailers for the show with exclusive videos from the actors and much more.

Cas Anvar shared that Season 4 was having its first Double-up Day on Halloween. Double-up Days are days when the show is filming two episodes at once and production is firing on all cylinders. During the making of Season 3, Cas made a great vlog taking us through all the craziness that happens on a Double-up Day. If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check it out.

Dominique Tipper was interviewed on The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, where she talks about herself, The Expanse and… stationery?

Persepolis Rising has been nominated in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2018. To vote for it, you’ll need an account with Goodreads, Facebook or Amazon. Voting in the opening round runs until Nov. 4th, semifinals from the 6th to 11th, and finals from 13th to 26th. The winners will be announced on Dec. 4th, so bookmark the page and keep checking back to vote again if PR moves past the first round. Be sure to spread the word and show some Screaming Firehawk love for the latest entry in our favorite book series.

If you’re feeling charitable and have some spare money lying around, the Ontario Science Center is holding an auction with the prize of a tour on the set of The Expanse.

War Is Boring released this fantastic article that talks about Cold War allegory in The Expanse. If you’re interested in the political messages of the show, give it a read.

Finally, Spacedock released an official Expanse video showing the scales of all the ships in Seasons 1-3 compared to each other.


After Cosplay Week wrapped up last week, the entries were sent to @TheExpanseWR to be judged. This week, the winners were announced, check them out! Congratulations to everyone who won. This year’s Cosplay Week was full of fantastic and creative entries. Please give a round of applause for everyone who took part.

Alt Shift X released his second Expanse video this week. The video goes into detail talking about the story and themes of book 1 (Leviathan Wakes) and the show up to S02E05. Check it out for a deep dive into the book and the show and be sure to let ASX know that you want to see more Expanse content from him.

If you’re a fan of the Crash Couch podcast, they announced this week that their network, When Nerds Attack, is shutting down. Don’t worry, the podcast will continue, but it’ll need support from you on social media. Check out their tweet for more info on how to show them your love.

In other community news, Christina Ward released the latest issue of Here Comes The Juice, featuring fan interviews, Expanse news and more. Paine x MacTane released their latest cocktail, The UNN Thomas Prince; and Enchantment of Eternity released a detailed review of book 1, Leviathan Wakes.

That’s all for this week, folks. Check back next Monday for a rundown of the upcoming week in the world of The Expanse. For those interested, our detailed record of Expanse-related web activity for this month (assembled by SkalmanIsDaMan) is available here. As always, if we missed something you think belongs in this article, please get in touch with us and let us know!

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