It seems as if so much time has already gone by since we heard the news that The Expanse would not be picked up by SyFy in mid-May and we launched a historic fan campaign. Pulling together and sharing our talents the fans ultimately helped save our beloved show. What we accomplished in just two weeks was nothing short of extraordinary.

Between us, as we pooled together all of our efforts and resources, we crowd-funded planes to fly past Amazon Studios headquarters, managed to get 138,000 signatures on a fan-generated petition, inspired and published fan-generated trailers and multimedia, bumped up live ratings 12.6 percent, instituted massive Twitter campaigns and capped it all off with a crowd-funded mission to send a model of the Rocinante into space!

Each and every one of you reading this should be proud of what you did.

If you signed the petition, watched the show live and watched again, tweeted, posted on Reddit, interacted on Facebook, YOU helped rescue our beloved show.  What we accomplished together in just two weeks, culminating with Jeff Bezos announcing that our mission had been accomplished and The Expanse had been saved, is nothing short of extraordinary! Our efforts have been noticed, with major publications and prominent influencers reporting and commenting on what we achieved. The work we did has been noted by absolutely everyone from the production crew, the cast, writers, producers and showrunners!

What’s next?

Are we done? Do we just pat ourselves on the back, go home, and call it a day? Absolutely not! We are here to stay.

For The Expanse to thrive, we must continue to cultivate our fandom while also bringing in new fans. There are so many more that can be reached out to, and there is so much that we can still do to support the show.

In that spirit, those of us on the @SaveTheExpanse team are putting together a number of activities and ideas. Starting with the launch of this website, we intend to further the goal of supporting the show and and its amazing fandom. We want to showcase your passion and facilitate your creative efforts while helping to bridge the various pockets of our fanbase together, such as the communities on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Our website will accomplish at least the following (and much more over time):

  • Provide updates on the show and its production, highlight community content creators, and promote fan-made content
  • Host a repository of resources and materials to assist content creators and researchers
  • Provide a number of community services such as an events calendar
  • Encourage creative collaboration between content creators

We are still building the site, so currently not every planned feature is available – but rest assured, there is more to come. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are also looking for help populating the site. If you can think of something that belongs here, particularly in our Resources section, please let us know.

This site is very much inspired by the words of Naren Shankar himself, when on Twitter on May 27, he was quoted saying:

“Once in a while, you catch a few breaks and good things happen. Someone, someday, should drill down deep to figure out the exact sequence of highly unlikely events that culminated in a truly extraordinary (and somewhat surreal) evening…… at the National Space Societies International Space Development Conference, courtesy of @JeffBezos and @AmazonPrime. I suspect it would be fascinating. But the big picture is crystal clear: we never would’ve gotten here without you. Your passion, your work, your organization, your talents… you made the right people take notice. So thank you. This victory belongs to all of you.”

He later added: “Our cast and crew often say that this is a special show—because it is. And now that we’re on Amazon Prime, we can make it even more so. And we will. I cannot wait until you see what we’ve got in store. Perhaps it’s time for a new hashtag: #TheExpanseLives…”

We are inspired by The Expanse, the uniqueness of its diversity and its honesty in reflecting the struggles and achievements of humanity. We recognize and love this spirit among the fan community, and we will always work to nurture it. We came so far together and the future is bright for us all, so let’s keep this ship burning hard. Who knows what further adventures await us? YAM SENG!