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In this blog series, we report on the production progress and other news of The Expanse each week. We collect the latest social media and press activity from the show’s production team, cast, and the community. We hope this series is useful for those who are not able to closely monitor social media but who want an easy way to catch up on all the latest Expanse updates each week.

To catch up on the previous week of updates, check out our last post here.


Production for The Expanse is winding down now, with some members of the cast and the writers reporting that they’ve wrapped for Season 4.

  • Following on from the wrap party last week, Redditor /u/thegroovologist posted some highlights from cast and crew social media. Check out the fun clip if you want to catch up on the festivities.
  • The production office and Jeremy Benning both shared footage of a large blue-screen set used for one of the final episodes. Benning takes us through the cameras and lenses used in the show.
  • The writers tweeted that their work is officially done for Season 4! Meanwhile, Shohreh Aghdashloo (Avasarala) tweeted that she has wrapped as well. But perhaps the most important wrap was Lola the Space Mastiff!
  • Breck Eisner, the frequently recurring director of the show, poses an interesting “what if”, wondering what would happen if Ashford and Miller met. While that is not going to happen, both will return for Season 4!
  • @therealmrbishop shows off his Martian armor for Season 4, crafted by the folks behind the Iron Man suit. Could that be a slight redesign?
  • The new official Amazon account, @ExpanseOnPrime, posted a new promo for Seasons 1-3 in anticipation of the Prime Video release next week. Be sure to follow them for more official updates if you aren’t already!


While their work on Season 4 of The Expanse is nearly complete, we continue to follow the cast of the show as they move onto other projects and pursue their careers further.

  • Dominique Tipper, who plays Naomi Nagata in the show, is seeing continued success with her debut as a director. Her film, Trying To Find Me, has been selected for Oxford Film Fest, its 5th festival selection to date. Congratulations Dominique!
  • Tipper was also interviewed by the blog Bitches Be Witches this week. Be sure to head over and read some of her reflections on playing powerful women and her career so far.
  • Red Rover, a film starring Cara Gee and Anna Hopkins (Camina Drummer and Monica Stuart on The Expanse, respectively), has been selected for the Kingston Canadian Film Festival.



  • The community has been gearing up the hype train for the release of Seasons 1-3 on Prime Video next week using the hashtag #WatchTheExpanse on Twitter. If you were looking to get some friends into the show, there’s no better time than now. Be sure to tweet with the tag and help get it trending!
  • The Moldy Filters released a new original song based on Mars in The Expanse. Have a listen to Mars Will Rise!
  • Molly Bee continues her series of reaction videos with Season 1 Episode 8.
  • Meanwhile, YouTuber New Complex posted a review/react of Season 1, Episode 1.
  • There’s a new issue of Christina Ward’s Here Comes the Juice available for your monthly Expanse fix!
  • Twitter user Varsha Vijayan from India shows off a wonderful painting of Avasarala.
  • Bora A. Kutlu continues to tease all the creative ideas he’s got going on.
  • Users on Twitter are voting on whether or not they’d like Season 4 to be released weekly or as a binge. Head on over and cast your vote.

That’s all for this week! For those interested, our detailed record of Expanse-related web activity for this month (assembled by SkalmanIsDaMan) is available here. As always, if we missed something you think belongs in this article, please get in touch with us and let us know!

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