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We #SavedTheExpanse: Amazon, Alcon renew The Expanse for Season 4

Thanks to the incredible, historic efforts of the cast, crew and fans of the critically acclaimed sci-fi epic, “The Expanse,” the television show has been resurrected by Amazon Studios and Alcon Entertainment for a fourth season. Just two weeks after being cancelled by Syfy, the massive grassroots effort that followed the news achieved its goal in saving the series.

BREAKING: Amazon in talks to renew The Expanse (but the fight is far from over!)

The #SaveTheExpanse campaign dug in as talks between Amazon and Alcon to renew 'The Expanse' were confirmed, however many outlets erroneously reported that the show had been renewed. The campaign urged fans to keep the pressure on while talks continued in order to prove to Amazon that the show was a safe financial bet and to give it the perfect send-off on Syfy.